Obecní Dvůr lies nestled in a quiet corner of Prague’s Old Town, close to the Vltava riverbank and the St.Agnes Monastery.  The current reincarnation has its origins at the end of the 15th century but it is believed that the remnants of the original Romanesque fortifications of the city of Prague lie just to the North -East of the existing structures.  

The complex is made up of three preserved buildings, each one representing a distinct style in Prague’s architectural history, that enclose an inner courtyard. The entrance to this secret garden oasis, tucked away in the center of Prague, is a wooden gateway through the first of the three structures,  a two-story baroque building with a Gothic core.  Today, Prague’s Coat of Arms is still visible above the arch. 


The Corner House, at one point the School of  St.Hastal Church, dates back to the 19th century, while at the North-West wing of the complex stands a simple Baroque Mansard-roof building with features in the classic style.

Obecní Dvůr’s history also features prominently in Prague’s new-age progress. In most recent memory, the Obecni Dvur area was the inspiration for the Stinadla neighbourhood in the stories of the Quick Arrows by Jaroslav Foglar.  Looking further back, as the first central station for the Prague Firefighters Brigade, dating to the 1820’s,  it served an important role in the implementation of modern city wide fire and rescue services.


Surviving the urban reconstruction of the city during the 19th and 20th centuries, Old Town Court is now a vivid testimony of the architectural development of the Prague city center over several centuries, combining styles from Renaissance through Baroque to Neoclassicism.  Having served many function throughtout its history, today, the courtyard complex remains an oasis of privacy in the historical center of the city. 

The entire complex was designed by renowned Catalan architect Ricardo Bofill, who created a unique architectural design which keeps its emphasis on individual design and top-quality. Luxurious, one- to three-story apartments range in sizes from 131 m2 to 412 m2 and offer a variety of layouts, customizable by the client.